Marblelously Petite

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Hi there!  I’m Abby Chhabra, a twenty something university student who is new to the blog world and currently residing in beautiful Southern California.

My love for fashion and beauty started at the mere age of 3. As a ballerina, I was constantly in the spotlight with extravagant, sparkly tutus and glittery makeup. Even as a little girl, I would much rather overdress for an occasion than underdress. While I love dressing up, I also love spending time at my happy place – the beaches in sunny Southern California. All you have to do is take me to the beach and I will show you the definition of joy.

Fashion is such a beautiful form of self-expression that I would never slap a label on my personal style. I have never restricted my style to any single thing because I never want to get stuck in a bubble. I love adventures and that translates to my personal style, too. My style varies from day to day based on my current mood. One day I am dark and grunge, and the next I am preppy and bohemian; however, a few things that have remained constant in all of my looks are my matte lips, statement necklaces, and midi rings.



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