Bronze Diffuser Necklace - Aromatherapy Necklace - Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - Fragrant Scented Jewelry

  • $24.99

Reduce anxiety and stress, invigorate your mind, ease your headache, promote better sleep, all from a gorgeous necklace. This necklace comes pre-loaded with your choice of essential oil and includes an extra felt diffuser pad. You can make aromatherapy recipes to create your own powerful healing essential oil blends! Take the healing power of aromatherapy everywhere you go!

This necklace is handmade featuring a stunning antiqued brass diffuser locket pendant. A thick felt pad insert in assorted vibrant colors can be seen through the front of the locket. Wear this gorgeous locket, pre-loaded with your choice of essential oil to invigorate and soothe. Second felt pad included. Made with a long, 23 inch antiqued brass ball chain. Locket measures approximately 1.25 inches in diameter.

This necklace is handmade with love in the USA using the highest quality materials for a truly unique gift that the recipient will treasure for years.

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