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Meet Alicia! 

 Alicia lives in Austin, TX with her wonderful boyfriend, 2 cats and chocolate lab Griffin. Alicia currently works at a start-up with some really cool people. Fashion has been an integral part of her life since she could remember. Alicia started her first blog, Wholesome Fashion, in August of 2009 and recently rebranded to Love-Li. The name originates from a nickname given to her as a child... Li. 


 Pilates, Collecting Shoes, Vino

 What is your favorite/go-to outfit? Photo?

Usually my go-to outfit will consist of a fun colorful dress or a pair of white jeans and a sassy top!



Fav thing to binge on Netflix?

Bloodline & Gossip Girl

What was the inspiration for starting your blog/instagram feed?

 To inspire people to go outside their comfort zone and start wearing fun items that make them feel great!

 What other companies/brands/products have you endorsed, if applicable?

 I love to work with Local companies, so Scout and Molly’s, Luxe Apothecary and STRUT

 Why do you support CY Design Studio? What do you love about our brand/products?

 Being from Austin we like to keep things local, so any type of entrepreneurial type business makes my heart happy!

 What is your favorite piece you’ve received, why? Photo?

 My Choker and my Love-Li plated combo!



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Meet Amber!

My name is Amber Henahan and I am an affordable fashion and beauty blogger based out of Orange County, CA. I love pairing edgy and feminine pieces together as my signature style. I also believe that it doesn’t take lots of money to look like a million bucks!

I live in Orange County, CA with my husband and two dogs. I love blogging and social media and hope to pursue a career one day with it. I think that fashion is so fun because it really is an art form and I think it takes creativity and passion to style outfits and put affordable cute looks together.

What are your hobbies?

Fashion, Beauty, Hanging with my friends, husband and dogs!  

What is your favorite/go-to outfit? 

Favorite go-to outfit currently is jeans and a cute tank top and slouchy sweater. So great for both warmer and cooler days.

Fav thing to binge on Netflix?

There are so many shows on Netflix I love watching. Right now I don’t have a current favorite but if anyone has any suggestions, I’ll take it!

What was the inspiration for starting your blog/Instagram feed?

I constantly was asked where I got certain items of clothing when I was out anywhere, so I wanted to start a blog so I could direct people to it and let them know where I bought certain clothes, etc.

What other companies/brands/products have you endorsed?

 Hipknoties, Estee Lauder, Burlington Coat Factory, Styles for Less, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, CY Design Studio, Shein, Romwe, Sammy Dress, StyleWe, Windsor Store, Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Guilty Soles, Doll face Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Timex, Clarins, Daniel Wellington, Billion Dollar Brows, Hazlmay, CaseApp, Rosewhole Sale, Zaful and more!

Why do you support CY Design Studio? What do you love about our brand/products?

Well first, I love the packaging! Everything I have received comes in the cutest little box wrapped with a pretty ribbon. Seriously feels like Christmas every time I get anything! Secondly, the pieces are right on trend. I can honestly say I have loved every piece I have received from the company. They are super affordable and really make an extra effort to make things special for the buyer.

What is your favorite piece you’ve received, why?

My favorite piece by far is the Druzy crescent moon necklace. It is seriously stunning and I love it so much!!




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Blog: www.ambernicolefashion.com

Instagram: @ambernicolefashion  



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmberNicoleFashion/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/amberhenahan/