Influencers & Reps

Calling fashion bloggers and social media mavens!

If you’re a blogger, makeup artist, fashion enthusiast or are simply passionate about jewelry, then we want to partner with you!



Can you answer 'YES' to all of these requirements?:

  • You have your own blog or are you active on Instagram with over 3000 followers

  • You love jewelry, have a soft spot for independent brands and love fashion and style!

  •  You are an individual - no company accounts.

  • You have a public Instagram account (No private accounts please)

  • You must adhere to all Instragram policies and terms of use.

  • You are a US resident, and 18 years or older.

Yes to all? SWEET! Then here is what we have to offer:
  • Mission: help us spread the word about our independent brand's focus.
  • Receive a special delivery of the latest collection's designs
  • Get your own unique CY Design Studio rep code to share with your Instagram and Blog communities for exclusive discounts and rewards.
  • Share your photos wearing our products and post them on Instagram + include CY Design Studio Jewelry in your blog.
  • Exciting & exclusive collaboration opportunities. You share, we share!
  • One-on-one access with the designer, Candice Yagmin, who values your input, excitement, and suggestions - for a truly unique & mutual brand building experience. 


Fill out the form below, be sure to include your social media links, and we'll be in touch soon! ♥