Candice Yagmin

Candice is a self-taught jewelry designer and the creative mastermind behind CY Design Studio. She creates personalized jewelry that emphasizes (appropriately) your personality so you can share your style with the world. Her work has been featured in the 2016. 2017, and 2018 GBK Golden Globes, the 2016 GBK MTV Movie Awards and TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries,  and Jane the Virgin.

The beach is her happy place and her heart belongs to her husband and rescue dogs. She previously ran a dog rescue for six years and currently donates a portion of proceeds from sales to no kill shelters from her K9 keepsake line. She believes in cherishing time with her family, learning as much as she can about the internet and world, and treasuring each moment with a zest for life that can only be described as inspirational.




 Founder and Designer of CY Design Studio.  



Founder and Owner of Daisy and Fox 

Founder and Owner of Yagmin Properties

Founder and Owner of CY Supplies