Signs of The Zodiac with CY Design Studio and Bard + Paul

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Our Zodiac Collection was featured by blogger duo Ashley Bard and Arielle Paul on their blog Bard + Paul. 

"When it comes to summer style it’s all about the essentials. Sandals, a light and breezy outfit and statement jewelry. So of course, we were tickled with delight when CY Designs reached out to us for a collaboration. They have a massive collection of baubles and bling that you’ll spend way too much time at work digging through."

Ashley and Arielle, as the fashionistas they are, styled our simple pieces in their own unique way. That's why we love seeing our tradition accessories styled to match the person wearing them. 

Here's more from their post:

"In particular, we loved their stunning zodiac signs necklaces. We love flaunting our astrological signs and reading way too deep into our monthly horoscopes (can you blame a girl?). So, these necklaces we’re a perfect fit. We had fun playing up on our zodiac colors and moods, Ashley being a Virgo and Arielle being an Aquarius. These pieces have become a staple in our wardrobe, and are perfect for necklace stacking! 

We also were inspired by the wide range of seriously adorable charm necklaces that can showcase little bits of your personality. Ashley chose the simple yet elegant Beach Bum Starfish Necklace, which brings back memories of Cape Cod and discovering starfish along the shoreline. Arielle chose the Dainty Matte Gold Deer Antler which reminds her of honeymoon and traveling through the west coast’s vast national parks in her 1969 Scotsman trailer with her husband.

Overall, we love CY Designs Jewelry! With such a wide selection of pieces, you’re bound to find something that brings out your personality. When there’s a story attached to a piece that you love, it makes it all the better!


Ashley + Arielle


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